Internal Deadline Policy for SPA

Electronic Proposal Submissions to the NIH and Other Sponsors

All proposed Sponsored Project submissions to the NIH, to other federal Sponsors and to other Sponsors requiring electronic submissions must be submitted by the Principal Investigator and/or delegate to SPA as follows:

1. Every part of the application, including a DRAFT of the Science portion, must be submitted at least seven seven (7) business days prior to the Sponsor’s deadline, in the form of a paper copy of the Sponsored Project submission with all required components completed, including both internal and external components. This submission must be complete, though it is permissible for the research plan of a research proposal submission only to be in draft format. If you are unable to submit by this deadline, you must request a waiver (see below for waiver details).

2. Science portion must be submitted at least three (3) business days prior to the Sponsor’s deadline, in the form of an electronic version of the Sponsored Project submission. The submission must be final and complete, including both internal and external components.  

Waivers and Required Information

WAIVERS: You must request a waiver (ie exception) from the deadline if you think you will not be able to comply. All waivers must come to SPA Director Tony Carna at Only Tony Carna can approve a waiver request. In your Waiver/Exception to Deadline Request, include the following: Reason for exception: Sponsor deadline: Anticipated submission date to SPA if Exception approved:

Late applications without an approved waiver will NOT be submitted.

For All Applications:

Email Sponsored Programs Administration using our "# Grants Office" address if you intend to submit an application so that we can anticipate staffing needs to handle the demand. Please include in your email the following information:
Application Type: (Example: R01)
Grant Due to NIH Date: xxx
Expected Submission Date to SPA: xxx