Internal Funding

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Program Project Grant Development Initiative
Purpose: To support the development of research teams that will be competitive in applying for large, multi-investigator-based, research grants such as program project, SPORE and other center grants.

Biomedical Research Support Bridging and Incentive Fund
Purpose: To provide interim support for productive faculty who have experienced, or are about to experience, a lapse in extramural grant support. It is hoped that these funds will serve as a bridge to a successful resubmission and supports research activities that will directly contribute to a more competitive grant submission.

Applied Research Support Fund
Purpose: To encourage and promote the development of original research projects and technologies which have the near-term potential for licensing and commercialization. 

CTSI Funding/Training Opportunity: KL2
Purpose: KL2 funding/training program for individuals pursuing translational research at the post-doctoral level.

CTSI Funding/Training Opportunity: TL1
Purpose: TL1 funding/training program for students pursuing training in translational research at the doctoral level.

CTSI Translational Research Pilot Project
Purpose: To support collaborative scientific studies for one year to enable development of preliminary data that will serve as the foundation for submission of translational research grant applications.

CTSI Resource Allocation Program (RAP)
Investigators may apply for support through the CTSI Resource Allocation Program (RAP). Projects submitted to RAP can be paid for from an investigator's grant ("Purchase of Service") or can request that the CTSI assume some or all of the costs for the resources requested ("Full Application"). Investigators can apply for up to $15,000 worth of support per year for up to three years, though preference is given to Purchase of Service applications that fully utilize the services of the CTSI.

CTSI Targeted Resource Allocation Program (TRAP)
The Targeted Resource Allocation Program (TRAP) will distribute quarterly awards (in January, April, July, and October) with a budget of no more than $20,000, and will fund resources such as data mining, animal usage/care, and participant compensation/travel for one year.